We are very proud to say that we create handmade products. Each handmade product is about people and not machines. It is about the time and effort that goes into each piece of work, it is about the skill of each maker, the technical ingenuity of the maker, the magic of an individual’s imagination,


We delivery high quality, durable, and well built products. So, if your album ever gets a damaged binding we'll fix it or if we can't, we'll replace it or refund it. We stand by our albums for a lifetime and that's a guarantee you can stand by.


Good customer service is not good enough for us. We take our relationship with our customers to a new level, what we call "Customer love". Great service is somewhat touchy-feely. It's about nurturing a genuine relationship with someone.


Customer's thoughts

  • The album is unique to Abstract Canvas group only, and is available to monthly competition winners only. It cannot be purchased anywhere else. Owner, and CEO of Photoshop Digital Albums, Nikolaos Axelis has designed and manufactured this outstanding album from the ground up, and sees the Abstract Canvas logo uniquely incorporated in to the album cover.
    David Beckstead
  • During my career I went through many album dealers including really big names. I was happy with some of them dissapointed with some others but the company that really solved my problems gain my trust and respect iswww.photoshopdigital.gr Superb work, prompt deliveries but above all very nice people... I would like to thank them once more.
    Andreas Evzonas
  • I found a company, all the way in Greece who's producing those amazing albums at a quarter of price that my previous lab produced. I was sceptical until I got my sample and I was... WOW! My clients loved it too and now, I design albums. Imagine to get 4 albums to the price of 1! 1 for each mom and 1 for each grandma! Isn't that awesome?
    Olivera Rusu
  • Crafted by famous producers, the album defies time and, like wine, increases in value as the years are passing by. An album combines the elegance of hand made products and the creativity of the photographer with the most advanced technologies. The materials that compose them have passed a strict selection and proved their toughness several times.
    Constantin Antochi
  • The quality is outstanding and the attention to detail (like the silver edge trim and the leather stamping!!!) is amazing! Every image is true to what I submitted with detail in the blacks and the whites...seamless gutter...all perfect.
    Teresa Leman Blunier
  • I have been in the professional photography industry over 28 years at the highest level in the Uk. Photoshop Digital's standards, extremely high quality products, and unbelievable customer care is second to none !!! I really cannot praise these people enough, and the prices are fantastic !!! It is unreal to think that I get a better service, product, quality, and customer care from these guys, who are halfway round the world, than a lab in the UK which is 14 miles away from my studio !!! Once you try these guys, you will be hooked !!! Keep up the great work !!
    Michael Hope
  • Finally, I receive my great present!! Thank you, <<< Abstract Canvas >>> and https://www.photoshopdigital.com very much! The book is huge, and like it size!
    Dmytro Sobokar


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