quattro bianco

Quattro bianco (white)

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A best seller due to its amazing quality and its low cost. 1 large and 3 small albums made of white matte recycled leather with silver perimetrical finish, offering the perfect gift for parents, best men and friends.

Imagine that you are ordering an album for the wedding you’ve photographed and, instead of one album, you are getting 4 albums!

Imagine the happiness of the couple, because they can now also give an album of one of the most important moments of their life to their parents… and to their best man…

Quattro Series is an elegant album package with one big and 3 smaller albums. It is one of the best sellers from our company because, of its quality, handmade finish, variety of colours, and of course because of its extremely affordable price.

When you are ordering a Quattro Album you are getting one big album 35×35 cm (14×14 inches) and you are also getting 3 more albums 20×20 cm (8×8 inches). All the albums have the same number of the spreads as the big one, with no extra cost !

If your big album is 30×40 cm (12×16 inches) you have nothing to worry about… We have the solution… Your 3 small albums will be at 20×30 cm (8×12 inche


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