Who is a Photoshop Digital Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a highly qualified professional photographer who is using our products. He/She trusts our company, so he/she suggests our company to other professional photographers, likes or posts our albums on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social media, writes reviews and comments on our Website or his webpage, blog etc.
At first sight, someone can say that this is a from of advertising, but we can assure you that its not. This is something completely different… The “Ambassador” program is all about mutual trust, changing ideas, and making a better future for both our company and the professional photographer!

What are the benefits of a Photoshop Digital Ambassador?

First of all Ambassadors can represent us to seminars, discussions, forums etc… whenever we can not be there. Also they get priority to orders, news, newsletters, new collections. Ambassadors will get 50% discount on all samples. And last but not least, they will get a lot of gifts such as cases, boxes, prints, posters, seminar tickets, exposition free pass etc, etc. within their orders!

How to become a Photoshop Digital Ambassador ?

At first you must really want to become an Ambassador… Not just for the gifts or for the pros of an ambassador but because you really want to. And you must believe in our company. Then, you have to prove that… It is not as difficult, as it sounds. You can send us on an email to info [at] your request to become an ambassador and will guide you from there.

Our Ambassadors

  • hope

    Michael Hope

  • teamtissimforas_1

    Team In Motion

  • 10922558_10203224932199570_1233322001339105391_n

    Royales Photography


    Antonis Giannelis

  • 10726319_734878453249608_1804053559_n

    Ermidis Photography


    Vangelis Beltzenitis

  • 10719114_926455094050532_1992182825_n

    Johnny Ten Have

  • blunier

    Teresa Leman Blunier

  • gojan

    Adrian Gojan

  • evzonas

    Andreas Evzonas

  • rusu

    Olivera Rusu

  • antochi

    Constantin Antochi