The man behind the camera: Yiannis Sotiropoulos

Yiannis SotiropoulosFrom now on, our blog, each month, will feature an interview with a professional photographer. Our very fist interview is with Yannis Sotiropoulos!
 Yannis is a professional wedding photographer based in Greece and takes assignments worldwide. He has a unique style that combines photojournalism and fashion and he creates truly inspiring images.
 Enjoy the answers he gave to our 20 questions...



1. If you were not a photographer what would you be?

I would like to do something that involved travel … to get to know other places, cultures, and to shake off the everyday!

2. Your studio is on fire. You can save only a camera and a lens. What would they be?

My DSLR and 50mm lens

3. Where would you like to shoot that you have not photographed already?

I would like to photograph a wedding in the Dominican Republic 


4. Photoshop or Lightroom?

Lightroom 80% and Photoshop 20%

5. Natural light or Flash Light?

Natural as much as I can…. The flash is only for special occasions.

6. Natural talent or continuing education?

Education is an everyday thing … from the novice to the more experienced, we have to learn … so … education!



7. What is the best advice you have ever given?

To be true and honest in what you do!

8. Fashion Style Wedding or Photojournalism Wedding style?

I’m a huge fan of photojournalism, because there are more honest moments and more feeling!! Sometimes a fashion style helps a little!

9. Next Day Shooting or Pre-Wedding?

Pre-Wedding … is the best way to see how you work together, and to talk about this for the wedding day too!


10. What do you always carry with you during the shoot, or in your daily life? What is that something that never leaves your side?

I don’t have something specific…. Just sometimes I have my favorite mirrorless camera with me.

11. What is your favorite photographic accessory (not a camera or lens)? My bag … the ΟΝΑ Backpack! A fantastic camera bag, and probably the best purchase I’ve ever made!

12. Mac or PC lover?

PC lover….


13. Favorite photographer?

George Pahountis

14. How necessary is the internet / social media for your job?

200% in the age we live in, they are the necessary tools.

15. Your favorite movie?

Kill Bill


16. Favorite song?

With or without you – U2

17. The first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Probably trying to travel around the world!

18. If all your files and archives were destroyed and you had to keep just one photo which one would this be?

My son’s photo!


19. What are you really bad at?

Do I really have to say this? Hahaha!

20. Your plans for the future?

To become a better photographer (if you mean business plans).



More information about Yannis and his work can be found on the web:
phone: +30 6947523583
Skype: jsotris
Facebook page:


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