The photographic industry needs an Elon Musk immediately!

   I don’t even like him… I totally disagree with his creations, his business plans and his daily acting, as we can all see from the mass media and of course, social media.

    Elon Musk, the man behind PayPal, behind the automobile industry of Tesla, and many more industries in the sector of green energy, leaves me totally uninterested… that is until today. All this is a preamble, and just to make things clear, this is my own personal opinion of a businessman for whom in the future we may will come to realise… or maybe not.

   Although one thing is really important, and nobody can not be uninterested in this point, is that Elon Musk has developed a dynamic voice in traditionally “closed” and difficult business sectors. A dynamic voice, which translates to a reflection of the market. Not really in sales, but deeply inside of it… It is the same thing that has been smouldering for years, but without any result at all. The same thing that makes thousands of people talk about it… and makes them have great expectations.

   It is because of this situation why a lot of people all over the world have been forced for decades to abandon the real new and to be happy with the “improved”, or the “updated”. In fact they have been “forced” to be content with mediocrity, just because they want to keep alive a sector which they love, almost adore… And this is a fact if you see how much money and time they spend on it every year.

    Something like that happens to thousands, (maybe millions) of people all over the world who are focused on professional photography. In the last few decades we all have spend big amounts and unlimited time in a market which is just “updating” its products all the time, without any will or novelty. A huge market and an industry of professional photographers with millions of sparks into the big shadow of “megapixel”, “focusing points”, useless gadgets and general updates without any real importance at all.

Photographic market needs no more monster updates, but brand new products !

Photographic market needs no more monster updates, but brand new products !

There is a whole world out there which is waiting desperately for “the new”, with the real meaning of the word “new” and not with just cheating evolution. This world has almost forgotten that the new is some kind of invention and not just a “one more” update. Just think about it… What is really “new” that we have seen in photography over the last few years? Was there something that affected the photographer to get out of his chair and take his camera? The only thing that photographic companies have succeeded with in “brand new” photo products, was to warm the hearts of photographers for a while (as long as the new toy lasts) and mainly to warm the bank accounts of the companies themselves. Nothing more…

That’s why the photographic industry needs an Elon Musk immediately. A man who will give a reason to start everything all over again. A “crazy romantic” that will change the course of events and will redefine professional photography. A businessman who will spend, without being sure of the audience’s response. A man, an entrepreneur, an inventor, who will “ignite fires” even with an uncertain outcome.

   It was only one to two decades ago, another crazy man -Steve Jobs- “sparked” in many sections. Among them was mobile and amateur photography. The result is that today millions of people are shooting hundreds of pictures every day… each of them with a device they always have with them.

   Most of them will be people that will never buy a camera in their life, or if they do buy one, it will remain in a dusty drawer.

   Over there … the experiment has been 100% successful! But over there we are not talking about professional photography. So what about the “forgotten” by the industry professionals? Who will be our own Elon Musk?

   Professional photographers are too hungry for motivation, and demonstrate it daily. Every day they try to reinvent their own Αrt. The photographic industry up to now has treated them permanently as a milking cow, when all others do not give milk.

   Who will be the one that will reinvent the “thing” or at least will create an expectation?

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